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Cold jet/酷捷 R1000H幹冰製造機

【時間:2019/09/11 13:26:54】
R1000H Pellet-to-Slice Reformer

Built by combining technologies of the SL1000H and R3000, the R1000H pellet-to-slice reformer is an ideal solution for dry ice pellet businesses that want to diversify dry ice production capabilities by adding slice and mini-block dry ice to their product range. The R1000H has the flexibility to reform dry ice pellets from 3 mm to 16 mm (1/8” - 5/8”) into high quality dry ice slices/mini blocks - ranging from 0.25 kg (0.55 lbs) up to 3.3 kg (7.28 lbs). The system can run up to 1,000 press cycles per hour and can reform up to 1,000 kg (2204 lbs) of dry ice per hour, depending on slice format and the pellet volume supply.

The R1000H utilizes the Beckhoff Industrial PC, which includes a 15” color touch panel that provides intelligent control and easy operation. The stainless steel machine has special features, such as an enclosed cabinet and insulated hopper, ensuring dry ice density is high and sublimation loss is low. With an exit slice conveyor, the R1000H can easily be integrated into current production environments.

Reforming pellets into slices reduces dry ice consumable cost and is a simplified and safer process when compared with traditional block cutting which, in many regions, is a manual operator process. The pellet-to-slice reforming process eliminates the hazards of cutting blocks and reduces CO2 waste significantly.

尺寸:77" x 59" x 80"(195.6 x 149.9 x 203.2 厘米)
重量:5610 磅(2545 公斤)
Noise: Under 80 dBA (at 6.5 feet / 2 meters)
部件號 514635
SureFlow Dosing and Reforming System accepts pellets ranging from diameter 3 mm to 16 mm (1/8” to 5/8”)
Vary slice thickness from 16 mm up to 90 mm (5/8” up to 3 ?”)
Automatic slice thickness adjustment via HMI screen
Single, dual and triple slice press head designs provide optimal capacity
Quick Change Press Head adjusts slice dimensions in less than 15 minutes
Recipe program enables user to set predefined slice formats
Superior slice quality with less than 1% breakage
Servo technology for fast and precise motion control (mold filling and slice ejecting)
Cold Jet CONNECTTM for remote support and maintenance
Custom-designed conveyors for slice production integration and automation

Cold Jet 設計的幹冰生產設備可生產最高密度的幹冰。 借助我們獨有的幹冰知識,使用我們的工藝製造的幹冰具有更長的保存期、更好的可運輸性,並具有更高的噴射清潔性能。

Cold Jet 造粒機可以配備多個模具,形成多種不同的幹冰擠壓尺寸(3 毫米到 19 毫米,大部分機器可用)。 從幹冰渣體到幹冰顆粒,Cold Jet 噴槍可提供廣泛的解決方案。

Cold Jet 突出的優點包括:







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